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3Kings Designs is a brand-new graphic design team that specializes in bringing your ideas to life! We offer incomparable and brilliant designs that can be applied to murals, t-shirts, and logos.

Murals are unique in that they bring art to the public space. Our design team is only limited by the fee and therefore the time spent on the painting; dictating the level of detail in the mural.
– A mural for your home will surely see your house guests, or inspire a child’s dreams with their favorite superheros or character theme room.
– A mural for your business can dramatically transform any space, exciting and motivating employees and captivating your patrons.

Our bold and attractive designs at 3KD are screen printed onto the best quality T-shirts. Express your own individuality with great style when you order your shirts through 3KD.

Our logo design team takes the time to get to know your company so that we can deliver one-of-a-kind logos to vamp your marketing and over all business image.

Christopher Del Valle

1(352) 942-3004


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